mercoledì 28 novembre 2007

Man Crush

I just got an email from a cousin in Kansas City that included the phrase “man crush.” She used the phrase to describe a situation in which a straight man meets another straight man and totally falls for some aspect of his “manliness.”

“I think [they] had man crushes on each other. Dr. xxx is a military physician and his truck looked like a Cabela's super store. He had guns as toys and all the good stuff. He brought in a sniper rifle that they had to shoot.”

And speaking of strange phrases, I got an email today with the phrase "phoner" with the meaning of a phone interview. I think this is funny because the most directly related word I can think of is "nooner" and as far as I can tell, "nooners" typically involve more than an interview.

On second thought, I wonder if I am being too restricted with my "man crush" definition. I don't think the "man crush" phenomenon must be restricted to hetero-hetero meetings. But I do think the origin of the attraction between the two men must be something other than the desire for a "nooner."

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apw ha detto...

The first word I thought of when seeing "phoner" was "boner"... also awkward at an interview (unless it's a phone interview!)